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armstrong_icons's Journal

Lance Armstrong Icons
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{ what we are }
armstrong_icons is an icon community dedicated to Lance Armstrong. Members are free to post any icons, banners, backgrounds, or other graphics that they have created so long as they relate to Lance Armstrong. This means that all graphics must be either Lance Armstrong, LiveSTRONG, or Discovery Channel cycling team related.

{ the rules }
basically, keep it Lance related! (no other individual riders, just Lance and/or his team and/or LiveSTRONG)
- all members are free to post their graphics
- if you are posting more than 5 icons, please put them behind an lj cut
- please put all large graphics behind an lj cut
- this is NOT a place to discuss cycling - just a community to post graphics relating to Lance Armstrong!
- do not steal other people's stuff, ask to use, and credit!

{ affiliates }

{ advertise us! }
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